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Why should I have a facial before getting a botox?

Are you considering getting a botox? 

If so, please consider all care you should have with your skin before this procedure. 

Stay with us. We’ll explain it all in this article. 

One of the most popular beauty procedures is the application of Botulinum Toxin, aka botox. When applied through the skin via injection, it diminishes unwanted facial wrinkles and expression lines, especially around the face and forehead. This procedure is very effective in its cosmetic results, bringing a more rested and young appearance to the skin.

However, some skin care measures should be taken by those who decide to get this treatment done. Besides the frequent use of sunscreen, one of the main recommendations is to get a deep facial cleansing in the areas that will receive the botox injection. By doing so, the appearance of open pores will get minimised, as well as signs and other imperfections, plus it will prevent you from having to have this done after getting the botox done, potentially compromising the results of this treatment.

A facial cleansing can make your skin look better, but it’s also beneficial for your mental wellbeing, as this procedure removes all skin impurities and dead cells, plus also brings you a lot of relaxation. 

The main benefits of a facial cleansing are: 

  • Removal of the dead cells: dead cells can stay on the skin and need to be removed so your skin can “breathe”. A good facial session does that for you, which allows your skin to be renewed and look beautiful.
  • Skin hygiene: our skincare routine practices are not always capable of removing all impurities and toxins, and these get accumulated with time. Healthy skin is clean skin, and that’s why a good facial session is so important. 
  • Blackheads removal: blackheads cause a very unpleasant appearance to the skin. A facial cleansing removes the open and closed comedowns as well as milia. The fewer blackheads and pimples you have on your skin, the less pain you may feel during the Botox application.
  • Detox: a facial session can also detoxify your facial skin, fighting all free radicals that cause early aging. 
  • Reduce oily skin: human skin naturally produces sebum, and it can get quite evident in our face by the unwanted shine it gets throughout the day. A facial cleansing helps to clear the pores and let your skin feel softer and less sticky, which can help during the Botox application. 

Now that you know all the benefits of having a facial cleansing before getting a Botox, should we book you in? 

We are ready to look after you and your skin.

Get in touch, it will be a pleasure being part of your skincare journey.

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