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Our body treatments have a guaranteed result

Body Treatments

You can buy 1 session or have discounts in packages of 5 or 10 sessions. Check it out!

The main function of lymphatic drainage is to accelerate the process of removing the accumulated fluids between cells and metabolic waste, directing them to capillary vessels and, through light pressure and long, gentle strokes, directing them to be eliminated.

It’s a style of massage made famous in Brazil, often used in the treatment of stubborn fat and cellulite. The treatment uses firm pressure and deep movements to reach the deepest layers of skin to sculpt the body.

Combine the treatment with our massages and be surprised. Results can already be visible from the first session, but it takes about 5 to 10 sessions to get the desired results.


We recommend one session per week. The body needs to rest and to have time so it can naturally let all the toxins go. Our treatments are quite famous in the US and Brazil. Most Top Models rely on them to top up their healthy lifestyles.


It’s important to note that our treatments are no miracles – it is mostly important that you drink lots of water, eat well and do some exercising. We offer compliments to a healthy life, and it’s harder to achieve your goals if you rely solely on us.

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