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Special Treatments

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DERMAPEN™️ Make your skin glow!

DERMAPEN™️ is the original trademark microneedling device, designed for the maximum safety, due to its anti contamination system and efficiency, thanks to a mechanism that gives the micro needles the fastest movement than any other device. This results on a less painful treatment with great results for your skin.


5 of the main benefits of having your treatment done with a DERMAPEN™️ are:

  1. It softens wrinkles and ageing signs.
  2. It treats skin pigmentation, leaving it with a uniform tone.
  3. It treats acne and scars caused by it.
  4. It improves the scarring and other skin marks.
  5. It treats stretch marks and cellulite.


The treatment works based on the natural healing process, based on the stimulation of collagen and new elastin   production, bringing a refreshed and new skin.

To boost this process, active solutions containing collagen, vitamins, anti oxidants, and other beneficial ingredients are applied to the deep layers of the skin, which it maximises the results.

This way, the main functions for this treatment are skin renewal and drug delivery.

Generally, after the procedure the treated region gets red, with a heated and swollen feeling up to 3-days due to the inflammatory process. It can also cause the skin to flake, but without the hurting aspect.

Book your session now to get these amazing results.

Beautiful bride wearing fashion wedding dress with feathers with luxury delight make-up and hairstyle, studio indoor photo shoot.


The wedding day is a dream of many women, and you deserve to feel amazing and the best version of yourself on that date. Relieve tension, leave fear and insecurity aside, here at Azalea Urban Spa we take care of you.

With that in mind, we made packages especially for brides. We take care of your skin and body so that everything is perfect on your big day.

The Gold Pack: 40 days of pre-wedding care
Express Pack: 2 days of pre-wedding care

You can also create your own package according to your needs.

Our packages include treatments for:
– Acne.
– Located fat.
– Dry and Sallow Skin.
– Chaped Lips.
– Hands.
– Spots and patches on facial skin.

Look stunning on your special day, contact us, and start your treatment.