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Facial Treatments

You can buy 1 session or have discounts in packages of 5 or 10 sessions. Check it out!

This should be the main step before every facial treatment. We use steam to open your pores and remove blackheads, dirt and oil, leaving the pores unobstructed to receive any other treatments you feel like (e.g acne, Vitamin C, Anti Wrinkle). Besides making way for other treatments, your skin is left clean and with a fresh feeling.

Micro-needling is very effective on treatments as it slightly scratches the skin, stimulating the production of new Collagen cells. Along with that, our variety of target-specific solutions soak in and the LED lights seal the skin for better results.

This massage uses a similar technique to our Lymphatic Drainage Massage to increase the flow of the lymph system and help transport toxins out of the face and down the neck where it can be excreted.

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