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The importance of detoxifying your body

You’ve probably heard the expression “detox” before and wondered if this process works. Hold your boat because there are certain types of food and body treatments that help speed up the process of detoxifying, which can benefit your body a lot.

Once it became trendy, the word ‘detox’ shifted to a more trivial use, losing its meaning – now used on several programmes and products with not much proof to back them up. Today we will help you understand this concept once and for all and teach you ways to eliminate undesired toxins from your body.

What does detox mean? 

Detox is a process that consists in eliminating all toxins and other harmful substances from the body. In normal circumstances, our body should be able to filter and get rid of all toxins naturally. However, deficiency in nutrients and high exposure to pollutants can overload this process, leaving some evil substances on our bodies. 

Every day, we get exposed to pollutants such as pesticides, plastic, smoke, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, medicines, artificial colours, alcohol and even non-stick pots and pans. In the long run, exposure to these toxins, even in small amounts, can be associated with several health issues, such as dysfunctions of the endocrine and reproductive systems, autoimmune diseases and behavioural disturbs. This is why detox is such a vital process. 

How does the detox process occur? 

Detox consists in transforming fat-soluble in hydro-soluble substances, so they can be eliminated by the urine, bile, and even through sweat. Several organs concur with this process, mainly the liver and intestine. 

Good hydration levels and a diet balanced in nutrients are vital for this to work efficiently. It is primal to ingest heaps of liquid, such as water, coconut water, teas and juices, in addition to functional foods. Remember:  it is through hydration that toxins can be eliminated and lost mineral salts can be replaced on our bodies. Fresh food is a great choice, especially organic fruits and vegetables. 

When associated with a healthy diet, Lymphatic Drainage is great to detox the body. The lymphatic system helps the body to eliminate toxins and fluid retention. This way, a good Lymphatic Drainage massage helps to detoxify the body, as it stimulates the transport of liquid to the lymphatic glands, making the process more efficient.

For a happy and healthy body, we need to nourish ourselves with a balanced diet, engage in a routine of exercise and get a few drainage massages done to help our lymphatic glands get rid of all bad substances. 

We should look after our body as our own house, as it is the one, we have for life. We also know that when our body is well looked after, our self-esteem gets a huge boost.

Look after yourself and book your massage session, we have several treatment options. Chat with one of our therapists and find out what it is that your body needs right now.

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