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Essential skin and body care in autumn

Autumn has finally started! A time of transition between summer and winter, a moment that brings us a drier and reasonably colder season that requires some extra care in our daily routine, right? With it’s arrival, we must ask ourselves: does this weather change affect our skin and body? 

The answer is: YES, and for that reason we’ve separated some essential precautions you should take at this point. Read below:

● Wash your face less often during the day. Why? Regardless of yourskin type, dryness ends up being inevitable, since we are in adry season, as mentioned above.

● Bet on hydration! Yes, hydrating with the right cream for your type offace / body is a great idea.

● Don’t forget the sunscreen, huh? Our great everyday friend is protective and just because the weather will be milder it doesn’t mean that we should stop using it. Use and abuse in all exposed areas of your body / face.

● Drink plenty of our greatest ally: water. 

Water purifies and hydrates our bodyin all seasons, even more so at this time.

● Avoid extremely hot baths! Baths like this harm evenour hair, don’t risk it.

● Eat fruits / vegetables, they help the body have a healthy and proper functioning.

All these precautions are valuable, but to maintain your skin and body even healthier, Azalea Urban Spa has numerous types of procedures specially made for you. The right time to take care of yourself is now, don’t leave it for later!  Get in touch and make your appointment, we’re waiting for you! 

Who takes care of their body, takes care of their mind.

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