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Benefits of lymphatic drainage in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special moment for every woman. Its magical, transformative and unique. Ourbody is stretched, altered and modified to welcome the most beautiful love that is growing inside us. As a consequence, we end up getting swollen, with fluid retention and some pain around the body, andthis is why lymphatic drainage is essential during pregnancy.

Here are some of thebenefits that this treatment can provide you:

● Boosts the immune system, cooperating in the detoxification of the organism. In such a delicate moment, taking care of your health is essential.

● Improves blood circulation, preventing further swelling.

● Helps decrease liquid retention. 

● Prevents the appearance of cellulite. Yes! Cellulite can beprevented with lymphatic drainage.

● Relieves body pain and discomfort, so you will sleep better and consequentlyrest more.

To make you feel as comfortable as possible during the procedure, we would like to remind you thatthere is no danger to the baby, as drainage activates only the lymphatic and venous systems, away from the uterus, what means maximum security for both. And of course, it is important to note thatduring the process, you can consult with your massage therapist which position is the mostcomfortable for you. There even are specific pillows for moms-to-be! 

Another very common question is: is lymphatic drainage recommended after giving birth? And the answer isYES. After giving birth our body continues to retain fluids, so feel free to come in.However, it is good to reiterate the importance of consulting your obstetrician before carrying out anyprocedure, as there are restrictions depending on your medical history.

We at Azalea Urban Spa guarantee excellence in our service, and now that you knoweverything Lymphatic Drainage can offer you, how about making your appointment?

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