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Lymphatic Drainage or Brazilian Body Shape Massage?

We brought you some curious facts about these two treatments on offer at our SPA, the Lymphatic Drainage and Brazilian Body Shape Massage.
They are both excellent treatments for your body, but what distinguishes the two is the desired outcome. And, to help you make a better decision on what is best for you, we brought you this informative piece. Let’s dive in!

It’s common to question which treatment to choose from.  We can’t always identify the differences between them either for lack of information or knowledge, which is completely understandable. Today we’ll explain to you how which treatment works and we hope this helps you make an informed decision on what is best for you. Let’s go!

The first treatment we will look into is the Brazilian Body Shape Massage,  a trendy massage technique in Brazil, created to help to treat fat and cellulite as it reaches deep levels of your skin to shape the body. The professional will roll on your skin to create space between the connective tissues and to drain the excess of liquids and toxins from the body. This helps to improve the skin appearance immediately as it helps to reduce fat on stubborn areas. Besides that, it works wonders to lessen body measurements, by activating blood circulation. Results are visible instantly.

Now let’s look into Lymphatic Drainage: its main purpose is to accelerate the accumulated liquid and metabolic waste drainage. This technique helps to regenerate the body tissues, to strengthen the immunological system, it also relaxes and improves your wellness. It is a great ally to reduce localised fat and works as a great anti-inflammatory agent. If you would like to know more about the Drainage Lymphatic’s role in supporting the Immunological system, read more at Can lymphatic drainage strengthen your immunity?

You should note that both massage techniques will benefit your wellbeing, relaxing your body and mind, acting to maximise good nutrition and exercise efforts. You can alternate these treatments if you can see fit from both techniques. 

To review, the main difference between them is on their outcomes: Brazilian Body Shape Massage benefits your health, it helps to shape your body and it is suitable for people who can’t find the results just from working out. Lymphatic Drainage acts on your organism by supporting your Immunological System, it helps to reduce cellulite and liquid retention, it is also suitable for pregnant women with doctor’s clearance.

But remember: there is no magic formula. A good nutrition and hydration routine (drinking 3 litres of water per day) is essential for a positive outcome. You may have read this on our blog in previous articles, our body needs this extra care. Now that you are better informed about these options, have you made up your mind? Let us know in the comments which treatment is your favourite.

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