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Can lymphatic drainage strengthen your immunity?

Today we are addressing a few crucial questions to bring awareness about your health this winter:
Have you ever felt like your body isn’t working as it should? Or that, even when eating well, it is not 100%
healthy or it needs extra care? We have great news to give you: lymphatic drainage is your ally to improve
all of this. Are you curious to know how??

We will tell you here:

The balance your body needs is here at Azalea Urban Spa. Our lymphatic drainage technique boosts your
immunity and helps to restore a healthy body in the cold season. How is this done?
This technique supports your lymphatic system, which is interconnected to our immunological system.
This joint effort improves all our body functions, perfecting a healthy body’s immunity. As a result, it also raises
our life quality levels as it guarantees the results expected.

It is performed through a light pressure with long and light movements, promoting the movement of lymphatic
fluid out of the swollen limb, which helps remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues.
Besides all of that, it is also relaxing to the body and the mind, and it’s beneficial to several health conditions.

It raises the oxygen levels on our body tissues by flushing all toxins, this way, the nutrients are better absorbed
through our digestive system. No doubt, Lymphatic Drainage is exceptional for good health maintenance, especially
now during winter.

But it doesn’t stop there, check out some other benefits of having a Lymphatic Drainage:

It improves your gut;
It lowers the fluid retention levels;
It helps with stiffness and heavy legs;
It gets rid of edemas and swelling;
It relaxes and promotes well-being.

How many benefits, isn’t it?
Besides, this treatment can also be done during pregnancy. In such a special moment, with all body transformations,
this treatment helps with:
Improves blood circulation;
Lower the risks of varicose veins appearance;
It improves cells and tissues nutrition.

Another question we are often asked is: Is Lymphatic Drainage suitable after delivering?.
We have explained in more length in our blog article
“Lymphatic Drainage during Pregnancy”, but the answer is YES.
After delivering, a woman’s body is still prone to fluid retention and it needs help as its immunity levels are often lower.
So please, feel free to book sessions during and after pregnancy.

Do not forget to ask your doctor before any treatment, as there might be some restrictions depending on your medical history.

With a clean eating routine and good hydration habits (drinking 3 litres of water per day), Lymphatic Drainage is your secret
weapon for a healthy and strong body.

Now that you know more about this fantastic technique, book your session and see the results for yourself.